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RIM got Blackberry a make-over with a touch screen feature

This would definitely be something pretty new from a Blackberry. We all got used to the QWERTY keypad and a non-touchscreen feature a Blackberry has, in fact it makes me wonder why Blackberry is such a hit though it took quite awhile for RIM to get a WI-Fi built-in to this device and if not for the carriers Wi-Fi will never be something Blackberry can offer.

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Anyway this time RIM is trying to reach out to the so-called IN thing today. As you can see most of the Smartphones and even the not so smart ones are equipped with a capacitive or a resistive Touchscreen but Blackberry doesn’t! It’ quite silly isn’t it since this phone is one of the leading phones that has been branded as a Smartphone yet it’s the last one to be updated with such specs.

So what is the phone that will be infused with the Touchscreen details? Rumor has it that it would be called ‘Dakota’. What with the name? I have no idea to be honest. This phone is basically a scrap from the late Blackberry Magnum (talk about recycling and being earth friendly RIM totally has it with this project!) but don’t feel all negative about it okay? Just think of it as RIM’s way of making things better or shall I say Improve the flaws of their early Smartphones.

Unfortunately the leak or news that we got doesn’t have any details about the specifications of the so called Dakota a.k.a Magnum prototype. This may be a little bit confusing since if you check all the stories or articles about this stuff everything seems to be about Magnum (that this Touchscreen phone is Magnum) but if you really try to read everything the phone is not called Magnum. To clear the cloud on your head this Phone is Dakota (as I have said on my third paragraph) but videos may say it’s Magnum simply because the body of the phone is from Blackberry Magnum.

The phone (Dakota project) is still in the making and only the Touchscreen feature has been established as for other specifications check out below

This is the Planned specs for Dakota/Magnum

Touch technology ‘SurePress’
Navigation Evolution
Same processor as BOLD
HVGA Display
Larger memory form any other Blackberry
ID (I guess it has something to do with the anti-theft software)

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