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Some data reveals that over one billion of applications have been downloaded from the Android Market. Although, Google has not yet confirm this data nor has given any information whether this pertains to unique applications or application updates only.

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Androlib has revealed that the Android Market has over 100,000 applications as of present. It is very impressive to know that from 50,000 applications, the Android Market has already reached 100,000 applications available for download. But Google’s official count has only revealed 70,000 applications. Apparently, Google and Androlib has a slight difference on this aspect and this is not the first time that a case like this happen, where Google’s data and that of Androlib does not match at all, it has been a common scenario for the two.

The applications available in the Android market continue to grow. As a matter of fact, it has added more than 14,000 new applications last May, another 15,000 applications in the month of June and more than 1,500 applications and games as of July 6 alone. And what’s best with these applications is that around 61.4% of it is offered for free. Only around 38.6% of these applications are being offered at a fee.

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Based on these data, Google’s seems to have a very good business. With around 160,000 Android handsets being activated per day, it is not surprising at all why Android has reached more than one billion downloads. This trend is seen to continue as more Android phones are scheduled for release in the future.

It is definitely not a surprise why Android Market has reached this status. With the growing number of Android phones and having majority of the applications being offered for free surely there’s no way but up. Having free downloads have been a popular attraction for mobile users ever since.

If this trend continues, it will not be surprising at all that it can even reach around 2 Billion downloads in the near future. I wonder what Apple has to say about this. Apple has the App Market which happens to be the tough competitor of the Android Market. And according to some data it took only 287 days after the launch of Apple’s App store to hit its billion application download mark.

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