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This is probably the strangest and most unique camera I have ever come across. It is named Yama, the Tibetan God of Death. A little explanation behind this name is that it is said in Tibetan Buddhism that ‘Yama will see all of life and Karma is the “judge” that keeps the balance.’ Besides having such a different and intimidating name, the actual mechanism of the camera is quite innovative. The design looks brilliant with Yama’s eyes that are cast from bronze and silver with a brass pinhole in each. The skull, is actually two different cameras that are separated by a divider that runs down the middle of it. There is a finished contact print mounted on copper is inserted in to the back of the camera which enables us to see what Yama saw in 3D.

The metals and jewels used to make Yama are Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze Steel, Silver, Gold, Mercury with 4 Sapphires, 3 Rubies, Asian and American Turquoise, Sand, Blood, and 9 Opals inlayed in the Skull. The ruby at Yama’s third eye is quite expensive at $5000. Yama will take two photo series. One is that of the modern incarnation of Southeast Asians deities and the other one is of the Tibetan refugee cities of India. Certainly something that’s very promising.





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