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Yes the main headline is misleading. But I got your attention didn’t I? Then again I am writing about an inflatable projection screen that will help you create your own open air cinema and it takes nothing more than five minutes to set up the screen! Tempted to buy one already aren’t you? You can set up this giant projection screen (8 feet in the diagonal) in any open space you want or even indoors if you have a room that is that big. The flexible projection surface is spanned within the inflatable frame by means of the supplied hoop and loop fasteners. All you have to do is connect the 220 V electro pump and within five minutes your projection screen will be ready and standing. A valve keeps the air inside.

The white vinyl-screen ensures the best possible image quality in radiant colours for both front as well as rear projection. A black vinyl covering is available for front projection so light cannot enter from the rear. This screen is also waterproof and comes with four nylon ropes with tent pegs that will help keep the screen steady on windy days. Weighing 23kgs and with a three year guarantee, this might want to be a piece you want to buy if you’re a movie buff and like watching things on the big screen.





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