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Although it’s not that time of the year when a portable refrigerator is on the top of your to-spend-on list, but since it’s so cool I didn’t want to give it amiss. May be you are planning for a holiday to some tropical place in your RV of course. How about gifting it to your nomad buddy for this Christmas? The hip-n-cool portable refrigerators from Norcold refrigerators are a must for those on the move. They get their juice from compressor-based units that run on AC power from any common electrical outlet. And they can also be wired to run on DC current from any 12- or 24-volt outlet. The device is designed to sense what type of power it is using and switch instantly from one source to another to keep the contents constantly cool. Switching from cooler to freezer is as simple as twisting the dial to a lower temperature. It takes less than two hours to get most units to the desired temperature.

Ideally you can install them on a slideout drawer assembly in the basement of a motorhome or fifth wheel. This way you can reach the contents without having to lift the unit out of the RV. Outdoor access works well because people have access to drinks or frozen treats without having to get up and enter the RV itself. You can pick up from three types of portable cooling units that Norcold sells. The MRFT 415 offers half a cubic foot of volume and stores up to 25 pounds of food or drink. While the MRFT 40 features 1.5 cubic feet of storage and can hold up to 80 pounds. The largest of them the MRFT 60 can cram about 100 pounds of food within its two-cubic-foot storage compartment. Prices range from $800 to $1,300. Whether people hit the beach, camp in the forest, tailgate at a racing event or simply hang out in the backyard, portable coolers are the ideal lifestyle companions.

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