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cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-luxury-exclusive-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-LED_headlamp.jpg LED’s are hot and happening with baseball caps and alienwear getting a little bit of them. This LED headlamp out here also has a “Light Head Magnifier” and a magnification of 3.5x, a spare light bulb. But the Shade Blade and the LED baseball cap out there, makes a weird combination. The Betty headlamp from Lupine Lighting systems of Germany produces this high-powered light (as bright as the headlight of a car) costing $1,185. The best thing is it dims itself automatically to avoid over-heating.

There is a two-week waiting list for this high-end Led headlamp. So much for an LED headlight, which is good enough for the mining staff?
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