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The Klipsch Palladium P-39F are floor-standing speakers and like the manufacturers say, they are “universal masterpiece of sound and design.” Unlike the off-the-shelf drivers featured in high-end speakers, the P-39F drivers are designed and tested at Klipsch’s secret center in Indianapolis.

Here are the Technical Highlights:

– Acoustically inert, carbon-infused, thermoset composite 90 x 60-degree Tractrix Horns and phase plugs
– 19mm (0.75-inch) titanium diaphragm super tweeter with twin N38H neodymium magnet motor structure mated to 4:1 high-compression chambered phase plug
-114mm (4.5-inch) inverted aluminum diaphragm midrange with triple N35H neodymium magnet motor structure with dedicated sub-enclosure mated to 4:1 high-compression chambered phase plug
– 3 x 228mm (9-inch) hybrid aluminum / Rohacell® / Kevlar® diaphragm woofers with triple N35H neodymium magnet motor structures and dual Faraday aluminum shorting rings
– High-flow, low-restriction, die-cast aluminum midrange and woofer frames with integrated heatsinks
– Optimized Tapered Array 3.5-way (4th order electro-acoustic) networks with high-linearity, low insertion loss air-core inductors, Solen metalized polypropylene fast capacitors and ultra low inductance power resistors mounted on double-sided, plated-thru PCB’s
– Tri-wire, gold-plated brass Klipsch binding posts with gold-plated bus bars
– All drive units and networks are hand sorted and factory matched within 0.5dB

The Klipsch Palladium P-39F Speakers will set you back by $15,000.

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