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Cell phones have more or less replaced home phones. Really, home phones are a thing of the past since they just cannot compete with the cool features of a cell phone. However, designer Zinc Chan still has faith in home phones and he is trying to revive their future by sprucing up their design and making them more fun. Zinc’s design of the Icono phone ends the need of dialing numbers as all you have to do here is draw the associated shape of the person you want to call and the phone dials them. The shapes that you make are points of light with numeric assignments.

If this isn’t enough for you to ooh and aah, then Zinc has also created a handset that attaches directly onto your thumb and pinky creating the Hawaiian “Shaka” hand gesture.

Zinc has certainly made home phones a whole lot cooler through the Icono phone and maybe people will be interested in them again.



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