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Bookworms will recollect the Jules Verne’s classic novel (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea) and the audiophiles will revel in luxuries of the Nautilus home theater. This home theatre was designed by Dillon Works Inc. for Dallas-based dentist Randy Moran and his family. The entire setup is encompassed in 900 sq.feet and that’s a lot of Submarine-space! Spec list and plenty of pics after the jump.

Home Theater
Acoustic Innovations Royal CinemaChairs (11)
AMX MVP-7500 7.5″ Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel
AMX NI-3000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
AMX PLK-SB2 SmartButton Keypad
AMX RDA-ENC6 Radia Lighting six-space enclosure
AMX RDD-DM6 Radia Lighting 6-Channel Integrated Dimmer Module
AMX RDM-2SWM Radia Lighting Dual Switch Module
AMX VST-TSTAT ViewStat Communicating Thermostat
AMX VSS2 Video Sync Sensor
BTX Motorized Drapery System
Delphi SA10000 Skyfi XM radio
Gold Medal #2660GT Antique Deluxe Sixty Special popcorn popper
InFocus ScreenPlay 7200 DLP projector
Kenwood Sovereign DV-5900M DVD changer
Kenwood Sovereign MX-5000 THX Ultra two-channel amplifier
Kenwood Sovereign VR-5900 audio/video receiver
LG LSS-3200A DirecTV HD satellite receiver
NHT Evolution U2 Component Subwoofer
Panamax MAX 4310 power conditioner/surge suppressor
Pioneer CLD-501 laserdisc player
ScreenResearch ClearPix2 screen
Solus DR-ir6 ribbon in-wall loudspeakers (8)
Solus DR-ir8 ribbon in-wall loudspeakers (6)



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