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After dressing up iPad, headphone, iPhone4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, XBOX and other stuff, with dazzling crystals, CrystalRoc is taking a big step by rolling out the CrystalRoc Piano. Teaming up with Steinway & Sons, they are offering to deck up grand pianos with more than million Swarovski crystals. With such an exclusive bespoken service, each customized piano will be unique, personalized to their client’s taste. Offered in three sizes of small (Model M), medium (Model B) and large (Model D) sizes, the cost of CrystalRoc Piano will start from £495,000 (almost $800,000). Sky is the limit for its price as well as crystallization design! Ideal to stand out in the dens of billionaires, Morten Schjolin, creator of CrystalRoc also believes that such ornamented musical instruments can add elegance to super yachts too.

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Morten Schjolin states that, “The range will cater to the elite private consumer, high-end interior designers and the world of entertainment and celebrity. All our customers will have the ability to influence the creative process as the aim is to produce an original work-of-art that represents their unique style.” We agree on that!

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Such sparkling pianos will captivate owners and onlookers with its appearance as well as enchanting music!

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