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The world’s most grand home theater experience needs a lot of space. If you can’t manage that much space around your humble abode, all you need is a 400-sq-foot master suite that converts into a lavish home theater, all at the push of a button on your Crestron remote. As the button is pushed, a 5.1 surround-sound system attached to a 40-inch Samsung LED TV springs to life near the footboard of a personalized king-size bed. Although the TV comes with an inbuilt Internet access, you can opt for a direct to home service, and plug your iPod in the provided dock. Along with the TV you can also spot speakers from SpeakerCraft tucked in the ceiling along with Leon speakers next to the TV set. A Velodyne subwoofer, stacked behind the bedside nightstand completes the setup.

But that’s not where it ends. Another button on the remote connected to a Lutron lighting system help you set the stage right. A surveillance system programmed into your Crestron system all thanks to the Integrated Home Systems adds safety to lazy theater experience!

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