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How do you fit a full symphony orchestra between the sofa and the easy chair? We want you to believe that you are somewhere else and no longer in your living room. This is possible only with the latest BeoLab 9 loudspeakers. Coming from the house of Bang & Olufsen, BeoLab 9 exceeds your expectations. Combining superior sound with freedom of use and placement, the performance of the latest high-end loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen belies its modest dimensions. Designed to be just right acoustical match to the other Acoustic Lens sound performers in the Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker range, BeoLab 9 can be used in a surround sound setup (front or rear), or as a fully capable stereo speaker in a music system. It works flawlessly as a link room loudspeaker and connects easily to non-Bang & Olufsen equipment. It is as universal as you could possibly want.

Partly integrated into the conically-shaped cabinet that holds the mid-range and bass units, the lens sits atop the speaker…almost like a lighthouse….dispersing the treble in an arc of 180 degrees. The speaker’s height is perfectly positioned at ear-level that is only if the listener is seated. The majority of the cabinet is fabric covered – black will probably be the most popular choice here, but it is also available in dark grey, blue and red. Tagged at an explosive $9900, this beauty will undeniably be esteemed. Because it is not about the technology only…… is about the experience too.
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