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The designers probably thought it should be a square and maybe the boss said it should be a circle. Now who wants to upset the boss, so they opted for the middle path and designed the Bang & Olufsen Beo 5 remote control as a unique cross of a square and a circle! Not that I’m against geometry, but this intriguing design really makes me wonder if the effort was really worth it! Moving on to the functionality part, the top half or the rectangle display sports a touchscreen that allows you to control of your TV, films, music and more. The Beo 5 is intuitive enough to figure out all the devices you own and presents just the relevant menus and controls on its intelligent hardened glass screen. The menus are copied to the screen on the remote displaying even the station logos, thus you don’t need to remember all those channel numbers. Link rooms are controlled by means of Zones, e.g. the living room or kitchen zone, ensuring that you are using the right gadget in the right room. The sound volume wheel features dedicated tactile buttons within easy reach on the aluminum ball that forms the lower half of Beo 5.

A good thing about Bang & Olufsen’s Beo 5 remote control is that it controls just the products you have and nothing more. You can call upon the dealer network to come and customize your Beo 5 as per your requirements. Bang & Olufsen products are usually for the niche market, and since there is no word on pricing and availability as yet we can safely assume that its going to make your wallets light!
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