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Seeking solace and rejuvenating sleep in this century is a matter of concern…..with hectic schedules and deadlier deadlines. But the technology of our era definitely copes up with this and time and again we come across uber-cool de-stressing gadgets. This huge egg shaped Armchair Paradise comes with a sophisticated sound system that lets the music gently relax your whole body by emitting low-frequency vibrations. This induces your brain to stroll through different stages of relaxation, namely attention, sleep, dream and relaxation, the resonance results in a high level of relaxation in short time.

The technique known as psychoacoustic stimulation or active/deep relaxation, reaches its peak within 6 minutes inducing a state of de-stressing without reducing mental clarity during the session. Armchair is designed to resemble the comfort of a mother’s womb which renders total relaxation. But what about the legs dangling outside the womb? Widely used by the University of Psychology, Psychiatry and Wellness, the Armchair Paradise is the next level of relaxation therapies.

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