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The LooftLighter was created by Looft Industries. The gadget can start a fire in seconds without the use of lighter fluid. It uses super heated air instead of chemicals to start a fire.

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The device is extremely easy to use and the LooftLighter is capable of blowing out extreme heat of up to 1000 degrees or more. Some of the advtages of the LooftLighter is that it’s a good way to start a fire and smoke is kept to a minimum. The disadvantage of the LooftLighter is that the product gets extremely hot and can melt everything in its path.

The creator of the LooftLighter decided to invent the device in 1997, when he realized his grilled food tasted like lighter fluid. He wanted to provide consumers with a more environmentally friendly way to light a grill or fireplace. The product eliminates the consumption of lighter fluid which has been known to emit toxic fumes.

The LooftLighter is currently sold in more than 10 countries in Europe and is a great way to light a fireplace or grill.

The LooftLighter costs $80.

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