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It may not be necessary to gather constant updates on the weather from television if you have an Ambient umbrella. The Ambient umbrella is a technologically advanced gadget that keeps people savvy about the possibilities of bad weather.

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The umbrella works by illuminating the handle of the umbrella if snow, thunderstorms, rain, or drizzle is in the forecast. Each weather system has a different light pattern so that users know what to expect. The umbrella automatically receives weather data from a website. There is a wireless data-radio chip embedded into the handle of the umbrella.

The Ambient umbrella is also perfect for people that often forget to take their umbrella when there is a possibility of bad weather. The handle of the umbrella will continuously glow if snow or rain is in the forecast. This helps people to remember to take their umbrella. In addition to being highly intelligent, the Ambient umbrella is also well built. The umbrella has a sturdy “gust-buster” canopy design and holds up well in storms.

Unfortunately, the forecast data only works in the United States. The umbrella will be useful in about 150 U.S. locations. Hopefully, it will be available in other areas eventually.

The Ambient umbrella costs $130.

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