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Sony has added another dock for the iPhone and iPod to its range with the launch of the Sony RDP-X50iP iPod and iPhone dock. The Sony RDP-X50iP iPod dock features a 20W + 20W digital amplifier and advanced speaker system.

It also comes with a wireless remote, which gives you full control over your iPhone or iPod Touch, and this one is designed to be more compact than previous models.

best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-gadgets-Sony RDP-X50iP iPhone And iPod Dock AnnouncedYou can see full details on the Sony RDP-X50iP iPhone and iPod dock in the press release below.

Press Release

New Sony Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone Refines Design, Focuses on Sound
13 September 2010

• Rich bass and Hi-Fi audio quality from new 20W + 20W digital amplifier and advanced speaker system
• Wireless remote with full menu control for iPod/iPhone
• Compact, minimalist design fits in with any décor, any room

The RDP-X50iP is the latest addition to the growing range of Sony speaker docks for the Apple iPod and iPhone. It resembles the existing RDP-XF100iP and RDP-X80iP models, but the design focus is on delivering the best possible audio quality at a price with the widest appeal.

The heart of the RDP-X50iP is a specially designed digital amplifier and long-stroke driver units capable of delivering 20W + 20W RMS – in other words, real room-filling power.

The long-stroke speakers, a super-long duct and twin reflex ports give the RDP-X50iP its distinctively rich and powerful bass. This underpins clear midrange and crisp high frequency reproduction precision-enhanced by digital signal processing (DSP).

Using the RDP-X50iP is simplicity itself: just slip in your iPod or iPhone for a charge and enjoy your favourite music at the same time. The omnidirectional infra-red remote gives you full iPod/iPhone menu control of music functions, so everything works just the way you would expect.*

Rather than relying on various pre-set modes for different styles of music, the RDP-X50iP is optimised for general use and will reward the listener with its sound whatever is playing. It looks as good as it sounds, with a restrained, minimalist design that is hugely versatile and will harmonise with virtually any interior.

With the launch of the RDP-X50iP, Sony has made an important extension to its already well-received range of speaker dock products. Music lovers who want the best audio quality in a streamlined and attractively–priced system now have just what they have been asking for.

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