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Unless the Taliban are infiltrating your neighborhood we won’t recommend an investment in this hand-held short range surveillance drone. Then again, if you’re the type who goes gaga for expensive gadgets, no sense holding yourself back from drooling over this flying toy.


Of course, if you buy a Swinglet don’t be surprised to find yourself hard pressed coming up with a good reason for using it except observing your neighbor’s backyard or maybe dropping by the nearest nuclear power plant.

Dubbed a “safe and easy to use flying camera” by the promotional literature, the Swinglet doesn’t require flying experience—it takes off, flies, and lands all by itself. You can even program what pictures it will take using “e-mo-tion” software.

Each purchase of the Swinglet (sorry but there was no price quotation on the homepage) avails the proud owner a special attaché case that carries the remote control and a laptop for navigating the drone. We find the laptop quite the novelty; it reminds us of our awesome UAV exploits on Modern Warfare 2, though what it really does is allow you to create a flight path the Swinglet can follow. Alas, don’t expect the swinglet to fire missiles. It’s just a camera.

But if you’re the type of person with a healthy appetite for inventiveness, maybe a hack can render the Swinglet video capable.

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