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Most massagers focus on the back but the OSIM uCrown Head Massager focuses on the head. It is one of the only massagers on the market that is specifically for the head and also plays music while simultaneously massaging. The massager is perfect for someone that wants to come home after a long day and simply relax. Individuals can choose from a variety of therapeutic programs when receiving a massage.

best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-gadgets-OSIM uCrown Head Massager

best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-gadgets-OSIM uCrown Head Massager

The OSIM uCrown head massager features patented air pressure technology, magnetic therapy, heat, vibration, and music. The massager was created to do two things – reduce tension and improve circulation. By reducing tension, a person is relaxed and relieved of stress and fatigue.

The massager focuses on four areas of a person’s head. It focuses on the forehead, the crown of the head, the temple, and the lower head. The massager has garnered good reviews and consumers can expect to pay about $200 for the device.

To enhance the experience of the massage the OSIM uCrown Head Massager incorporates soothing soundtracks. The soundtracks fall into three categories called ambiance, nature, and well being. The head massager itself has built in speakers, earphones and a remote control.

The OSIM uCrown Head Massager isn’t for everyone. People that suffer from diabetes, blood clots, migraines, or a pacemaker should consult a physician before using device.

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