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We have seen a few photos and videos before on Geeky Gadgets of the new Lightcycle from Tron Legacy, now you will be able to get your hands on a street legal exact replica of the Tron Legacy Lightcycle.

Some of our reader will remember  the awesome Batpod replica that was up for sale on Ebay, well the same guys who built that one are now offering five street legal Tron Legacy Lightcycles.

best-new-latest-coolest-funny-top-high-technology-gadgets-Get Your Own Street Legal Tron Legacy Lightcycle

Now, about the bikes themselves, the wheels are custom made 22″ x12″ dual hubless wheels with custom made tires (Hoosier is custom making 5 sets just for us specifically for this project). (Buyers will have the option of additional tires as needed) The frame is 2″ cold rolled and boxed hardened steel with carbon fiber/fiberglass bodies. Accent colors are neon glowing from behind frosted plexiglass and can be turned off or on with the flip of a switch.

Unlike the “Batpod” replica, the “Lightcycle” is being built for everyday street use. Each bike will come with a manufacterers build sheet and a certificate of title with purchase. Each bike will come with either a high powered electric motor or a high performance gasoline motor and transmission depending on the buyers needs. Be the envy of everyone who sees this bike as it will make motorcycles as you now know them seem like antiques on the road. No future “Lightcycles” will be made to ensure the value of these custom motorcycles in the coming years. They will get individual vin numbers at first order 001 to last 005 as well as the original prototype vin number 000.

And each one will come with different color accents which include, red, blue, yellow, green and orange, they are currently up for sale on Ebay with a buy it now price of $35,000 each.

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