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ALK Technologies has just launched a satellite navigation app for the iPhone, called CoPilot Live.

The CoPilot Live iPhone App features turn by turn navigation, and features complete street maps for the UK and Ireland, as well as 3D and 3D driving views, and detailed street maps of the UK.

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Unlike other iPhone satellite navigation apps, the CoPilot Live is available for a one off fee, with no monthly recuring fees.

Here are the full specifications.

Full spoken turn-by-turn voice directions
Detailed street maps of UK and Ireland with full UK post codes stored on your iPhone
Clear 3D and 2D driving views with SmartZoom™ speed-variable zoom and street names
Navigate to a house number, street, intersection or address book contact
Automatic portrait and landscape display switching
Comprehensive multi-stop pre-trip planning and preview
Route optimizer works out the best way around multiple stops
Intelligent navigation provides guidance in tunnels and underpasses
Automatic day/night mode
Navigate to thousands of Points of Interest
Lane indicator & CoPilot ClearTurn™ provides a more realistic view of motorway exits and junctions
Real Signpost display matches real-life signs
LiveLink™ location sharing and messaging: keep track of your CoPilot friends, live on-screen!
Live 5 day weather forecast for your location or destination
Roadside Assistance helps you contact your breakdown company and tell them your location
Huge range of customization features to suit the way you travel
Customized trip status displays, including eta, distance remaining and more

The CoPilot Live iPhone Sat Nav App is now available from iTunes for £25.99 for the UK and Ireland maps, and a European version will also be available for £59.99.

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