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The Chili technology bed is the world’s first cooling and heating mattress. The mattress is a little bit different from other mattresses on the market because it has microclimate thermostats that allow a person to adjust the temperature of their bed.

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There is already a concept out there that allows people to adjust the temperature of their pillows so it seems only natural that people should be able to adjust the temperature of their bed as well. The great thing about the mattress is that it can be adjusted into separate zones for couples. If one person wants their bed a little bit cooler each side can be adjusted to the persons liking so that both people are comfortable when they sleep.

The Chili technology bed is perfect for hot summers when a person has a difficult time remaining comfortable in their bed throughout the night. Instead of throwing off the covers or sweating, people can now cool themselves with the pad. The Chili technology bed can eliminate excess body heat.

The bed can be turned down all the way to 46°F or it can be heated up to 100°F. However, research on insomnia discovered that people who keep the temperature between 60 and 68 degrees have a easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. Adjusting the bed in the 60 degree range may be ideal for someone that suffers from a lot of restless nights.

Individuals that sleep alone or by themselves can choose the single zone pad. Couples will want to choose the dual zone pad so each can adjust their side to their preferred temperature. The smaller pads costs around $400 and the King size costs around $600.

One concern with the bed is how much electricity the bed might use. It may be less expensive for someone to simply open their window if they are hot, or remove the covers if they are cold.

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