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By Evan Ackerman

It’s been possible for a while now to set up your sound card to output fake 5.1 channel surround sound to your headphones. Theoretically, since you only use two ears, you should be able to do some fancy soundwave stuff and replicate 6 channel (or 5.1 or whatever) sound using only 2 channels of audio. I’ve tried a couple ways of doing this with software, and so far, it’s sucked.

These headphones from Zalman (the Zalman ZM-RS6F+M, to be specific) are also able to produce 6 channel sound. But, they do it using 6 separate drivers, which means that (I can only assume) it sounds a heck of a lot better than the fake stuff. You’ll need a sound card able to output discrete front, center, and rear channels, so it’s not like you can just jack these right into your iPod or something.

I can’t tell whether the drivers are that great, but you probably shouldn’t expect to be blown away by the sound quality. For movies or computer games, though, it might be a cool effect. The Zalman 6 channel ZM-RS6whateveritis headphones are $57 from Brando.

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