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The HomeFinder screw-in light controller from Westek might seem like a simple idea, but if you live with family members who may one day need the assitance of paramedics, it might end up being an invaluable tool.

It screws into a light socket and accepts a standard bulb, and when the light switch is flipped twice the unit will flash for 20 minutes making it easier for emergency assistance to find your home, or even someone less vital like the pizza delivery guy. The flashing can be cancelled at any time by simply turning the switch off, and there’s a sensor to ensure it only turns on after dusk. $10.91 from Amazon.

And here’s a little known fact, I actually spent three weeks as the prime suspect in a ‘porchlight flasher’ case, but I was eventually exonerated when the police realized I never actually leave this computer. So not only does blogging pay the bills, but it also turns out to be a pretty solid alibi!

*True story!

*Note: Story may not be true.

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