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top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-Vertrax Treaded Skateboard Concept (Images courtesy Bryson Lovett)

Yeah, I know. While we try to avoid concepts here as much as possible, every once in a while I come across a fairly convincing rendered product shot that gives faux credibility to an idea that will probably never come to fruition. Such is the Vertrax treaded skateboard. It looks incredibly cool, I’ll give designer Bryson Lovett credit there, but I see a host of issues that will ensure this probably never replaces the traditional skateboard. From anything and everything getting caught up in the rear-wheel mechanism, to the inability to grind on any surface. It also appeals to reduce cube gleaming by about 35%. According to the ’specs’ it would be electric powered and whisper quiet though, but since it’s just a concept, the designer can really claim it could do anything.

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