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I’ve tested and used several different GPS units, and found my favorites to be from TomTom. The software on the two that I’ve used have seemed to be a little more intuitive than some of the others. Needless to say, I was happy to see the company finally release a GPS app for the iPhone. Of course it only took a few seconds to realize that I would never in my right mind buy it.

Why would I take such a firm stance without even digging into the details? Because I only needed to see the $99 price to realize that they were out of their minds. I have a TomTom One Third that I paid around $120 for earlier this year, and over at Best Buy I could get a brand new TomTom One 125 for $100. The software might have a few niceties to it, but why would someone pay that much just so they can drain their iPhone battery faster? Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll need to buy a kit to mount your phone in the car, adding even more to the cost (which TomTom is happy to sell you). Sorry TomTom (and the other equally expensive GPS app makers), it’s just not worth it.

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