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Anyone that’s worked in an IT field knows that taking such a position means that you will undoubtedly become your family’s on-call support staff. This means that a quick stop at your grandparent’s house to say hello could turn into a two-hour ordeal battling spyware and a non-functioning optical drive. Over the years I’ve learned to keep a small kit of tools in my car at all times, since I somehow always end up needing them. After seeing these Screw Keys, I think I’ve found a rather handy addition to my tools.

These Screw Keys are a rather simple concept (and likely not an extremely new one, but they were cool enough to mention anyway). They are two screwdrivers roughly the size of your average key. They should be wide enough at the top to get a good grip on, but they won’t be unnecessarily bulky. At $4.50, I’ll definitely be ordering some.

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