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Typing is a skill that’s almost a requirement to get by in everyday life these days. Yet I am amazed at the number of people I know that use the old “hunt and peck” method. You’d think that after working with a computer for so long, one would eventually give in and learn to do it properly. Well now there is a keyboard made especially for these stubborn people, the aptly-named Hunt and Peck Keyboard.

At first this keyboard seems like any other, until you realize that the keys are in alphabetical order. This is to make it easier for those that never bothered to learn the QWERTY layout. You can press a button and it switches to the standard layout, so that any normal person can actually type with any real speed. To add further insult, you can use the F-keys for quick abreviations like LOL, IMO and ASAP. If you’re thinking about buying this for someone, take that $30 and go find a copy of Mario Teaches Typing or something. It did wonders for me back in the 6th grade.

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