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By Evan Ackerman

Yes, this fishbowl leaks. No, don’t send it back, it’s supposed to do that. There’s a hole in the side that continually spills water into an understandably thirsty fish at the base, where it’s cleaned and recycled back into the bowl. Some kind of filter apparatus keeps the fish from getting out, however much an array of color changing LEDs in the bottom of the bowl may drive them to suicide. I imagine that the water coming out of the bowl probably has a decidedly fishy aroma, but mabe that’s something that you’re looking for, you know, to lend a little bit of oceanic atmosphere to your life.

The Spillarium holds 5 gallons of water, and comes with “artificial fish” and “artificial plants.” And, for some reason, a real net and some real fish food. It’s $130 at Hammacher Schlemmeleakybowl.

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