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top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-Buzz B Oscillating Nail Trimmer (Image courtesy Zoli)

Newborns, infants and toddlers aren’t able to trim their own fingernails, because quite simply, they don’t have any teeth! But overly cautious new parents might be reluctant to use a nail clipper for fear of hurting an active or squirming infant. The Buzz B from Zoli, however, is supposed to be a safer alternative to a nail clipper thanks to its oscillating cushioned pads which work like a palm sander, though considerably toned down. The pads will safely grind down a baby’s nails without harming the surrounding skin, and it includes 4 pads of varying textures that can be swapped out as your child grows. $25 available from the Zoli website.

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