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VMware Fusion–the most seamless way to run Windows applications on your Mac. VMware Fusion combines a clean and intuitive interface that Mac users expect with a virtualization platform trusted by millions of users today. VMware Fusion allows you to launch your Windows applications from the Dock and switch between Windows and Mac applications using Exposé. With the industry’s most advanced virtualization technology VMware Fusion is ready for the future and lets you leverage all the hardware available on your Mac to simultaneously run 32 and 64-bit operating systems, use two processors at the same time, run select 3D games and utilize USB 2.0 devices. Access the widest range of USB 2 devices, allocate up to 8GB of memory to virtual machines, run over 60 guest operating systems from DOS to Microsoft Windows Vista, Linux, Solaris, Netware and FreeBSD. Run your Boot Camp partition side-by-side with Mac OS X without any additional setup. Run any of the more than 550 virtual appliances available from VMware Virtualize your existing PC with the free VMware Converter Starter Built Exclusively for the Mac – Built with features such as customizable toolbars, easy-to-manage virtual machine packages, and much more The powerful Unity feature transforms your Windows applications and gives you a seamless Mac experience Requires Any Intel Mac computer with a 1.5GHz or faster Intel processor; 512MB of RAM (1GB or more recommended)

Product Features:

Play DirectX 9.0 games on your Mac
Easily move your virtual machines
Create powerful multi-core virtual machines
Run 64-bit operating system
Turn back time when Windows goes awry
Freedom to choose over 60 operating systems

Price after rebates from $32.49

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