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MACBooks are all over the place these days as they continue to grow in popularity. Having one doesn’t make you the cool kid anymore. You can change that status and reclaim your “iceness” with this gadget. Add a splash of color to your MacBook with Speck‚Äôs SeeThru hard shell cases! Available in a variety of colors, our road-tested, translucent cases protect your notebook from scrapes and scratches and stand out vibrantly in a sea of same-ness. Device-specific engineering makes for a custom fit and highlights the sleek look of your new MacBook or MacBook Pro. Built-in rubberized feet keep your notebook secure. Includes cleaning cloth. Compatible with all MacBooks with aluminum unibody, including June 2009 release.


    Great hard shell protection
    Vented for safe heat disbursement
    Does not interfere with opening your MacBook all the way back
    Access to all ports, battery check button, Kensington lock, CD/DVD drive
    Custom-fit for the 15″ MacBook Pro (aluminum unibody/black keyboard), including June 2009 release

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