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What no beige?

No grey?

Finally, some design engineer was thinking outside the box !

This is a sleek all black design with rounded edges that actually looks good on my desk ….oh and its compact so it fits on my desk too.

How it ships

Here is a Pic of the stuff right out of the boxbest latest cool new top PC computer gadgets

Quite a bit of stuff is included with the WorkForce 600 including Ethernet cable, power cable, driver/software disc, user manuals, sample paper, phone cable and of course the printer cartridges. I must point out that the cartridges are full carts, not half full etc..

Also, the black cart is double size which makes perfect sense.

No USB cable though, everything else is included, why not complete the kit and throw in a USB cable? Not such a huge deal though given the fact that it is WiFi enabled.


I generally don’t like reading manuals, and was able to get the whole thing going in under 10 minutes using the (very thorough) quick setup guide.

best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets

I have read some horror stories from other reviews online that it took them hours to install all the software and drivers. I circumvented the process by going to the Epson website and downloading the latest version of their software without all the extras. Here is the link:

Drivers / Network Installer / Epson EasyPrint
Windows Vista 32-bit Edition, Windows XP, Windows 2000
epson12691.exe – 32.3MB – posted on 08/05/08

This self-extracting file contains the Epson WorkForce 600 software bundle for Windows XP, 2000 and Vista 32-bit Edition. This bundle consists of the following items:

    Printer Driver v6.61
    Scanner Driver v3.44A
    Epson Network Installer v1.0
    Epson Status Monitor 3
    Epson EasyPrint v3.0

    Here are some pix illustrating the very straightforward networking install process.

    best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets

    best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets


    I have a kid and therefore a reservoir of kids pics that had, until yesterday, sat dormant on my hard drive. After printing out a ton of pictures in black and white and color, I recruited my toddler for quality testing. She attempted to smudge the picture immediately upon printing, and in spite of her sincere efforts there was barely any evidence of smudging. We also tried something that I had read about in another review – running water over a black and white printed page. My toddler completely drenched the sheet and we were both thrilled to discover the text still fully readable! The technical reason for this is that the Workforce 600 uses special Durabrite Ultra ink, a type of thermal ink which is quick drying and smudge proof.

    The print quality for black on white is nice and crisp. Similarly color looks great. The colors are high contrast and there is no evidence of bleeding. Being a trained photographer, I am super critical when it comes to print quality.

    I played with the FIX PHOTO and FIX RED-EYE options using a photo that needed serious help and both features succeeded in making the person in the photo look human again

    I printed out a large document and sat back to admire the speed…up to 38 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white. The printer supports Two Sided Printing but, as I discovered, this means that you have to turn the paper over yourself.  Quite a few other two-sided printers know how to feed the paper back through all on their own, not sure why this useful feature wasnt properly integrated.


    It was easy to navigate this process. I scanned in old photos as well as a few documents that I needed to archive. The photos retained their color and actually looked brighter and crisper than the original – not sure if this is actually possible…but it was my perception. You can scan to Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office Documents. This feature is more than fine for day to day scanning requirements and has an optical resolution of up to 2400 dpi


    The quality of the copies didn’t compare to printing or scanning quality. It lacked the sharpness that I was seeing with the other features. It’s adequate for copying things for personal use, but I still think I will take my customer facing materials to the print shop.

    The feeder for copying large documents is easy to use but the copies come out in reverse order because they are laid face up – a little quirky.

    As with other multifunction printers, you can copy straight to a USB stick or other compact memory card. Of course, this works for scanning as well.


    I use VOIP service. Faxing  is sometimes a problem since it was primarily created to be used over an analog line. I was able to find this help page very easily. (Easy online help, BIG points for Epson !!!)

    I didn’t make any changes to default settings. I didn’t even have to slow down the send setting as I have for previous fax machines.

    It just worked flawlessly.


    This is why I am digging this printer…Wifi connectivity. I can put my printer where I want to and not have to factor in cabling to my computer. The wireless setup was very easy, worked first time and has worked no problem for the last week. If you prefer to be wired there is an 10/100 Ethernet Jack or a USB 2.0 connection (but no USB cable!).

    Memory Card Reader

    The printer comes with a set of built in memroy card readers . xD/MS/SD and CF. Just insert the card and the files show up automatically as a local drive on your PC.

    best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets


    Something additional to mention is that it supports PictBridge so you can print straight from your digital camera.

    best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets


    This printer retails for under $200 ($160 at some places). At this price point given the number of features that it ships with, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed. It has a small footprint and well designed product that is easy enough for the non techies in the house to use and even set up. Having all the features you need and delivering to a high standard, it is nice to see that Epson has a strong competitor in the marketplace.

    Printer Specs

    5-in-1 — Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, Photo, Wi-Fi
    Draft speeds up to 38 ppm (black and color)
    Laser quality documents about 2x faster
    Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking built in
    Extra High-capacity Black ink
    2-year limited warranty with registration
    Smudge, fade, water resistant, highlighter friendly
    Uses up to 3x less power than a laser printer
    Fax and 30-page ADF
    Built-in memory card slots and 2.5-inch LCD

    Show the world what your business is made of with WorkForce, Epson’s new line of printers and all-in-ones, engineered for the small business and home office. Get laser quality output at laser fast speeds for prints that make you look your best.

    Make your business look its best with brilliant color output from the Epson WorkForce 600 all-in-one. Why waste money on a laser printer when you can get so much more for less, including the ability to wirelessly print and archive critical documents, or fax stacks of originals in seconds. Because time is money, the WorkForce 600 races through every task. In fact, it’s about two times faster printing documents than leading competitive models. And, it uses up to three times less energy than a laser printer. Fast, affordable and built to grow with your business, the WorkForce 600 does it all, so you can focus on the business at hand.

    Features & Benefits:

    Boost your productivity — Fast draft and copy speeds — up to 38 ppm (black and color)
    Get speed without sacrificing quality — Laser quality documents at about 2x the speed of competitive ink jet printers
    Easily network within your workgroup — Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking
    Print more, change cartridges less often — High-capacity Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow ink cartridges;  Extra High-capacity Black also available
    Protect important documents — Smudge, fade and water resistant, highlighter friendly documents rival those from a laser printer and photos rival those from the lab
    Send faxes fast, even in color — Fax in as fast as 3 sec per page; store up to 60 speed dials and receive up to 180 pages in memory; also faxes legal size
    Print photos without a computer — Built-in memory card slots, PictBridge and 2.5-inch LCD
    Make quick color copies and enlargements — One-touch copying with high quality scanning; reduce and enlarge 25 to 400 percent
    Do more with useful software included — OCR and creativity software to create flyers, brochures, calendars and more
    Save energy — Uses up to 3x less power than a laser printer
    Save paper — Built-in double-sided printing
    Do more in less time — Copy, scan or fax stacks of documents with built-in, 30-page ADF
    Get product protection you can count on — Epson Preferred program with 2-year limited warranty and 2-year toll-  free support, with registration, plus quick product exchange

    Available at Amazon – Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless All-in-One Printer (Black) (C11CA18201)best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets

    Get one for FREE!  We are giving away a brand new WorkForce 600!

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