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It’s important when you’re training, that you are able to monitor your heart rate so you can track whether you’re in your optimal range of activity. This gadget is a cool looking option to aid any athlete whether they’re a pro or just a passionate amateur. Packed with a number of innovative training features to help you toward your exercise goals, the Polar RS400sd heart rate monitor watch is a great choice for avid runners. The RS400sd–which contains all the same advanced running features as the RS400 but with a few extras–helps you optimize your performance with every step. The RS400sd comes with a foot pod that attaches comfortably to your running shoe laces, letting you accurately and wirelessly measure your speed, distance, pace, and performance level. As a result, it’s easier than ever to meet your predetermined workout goals. The watch also measures your heart rate and determines whether your pace fits within specific heart rate zones, helping you manage the intensity of your training. Add in a number of basic running watch functions–including visual and audible target zone alarms, an event countdown timer, and an oversized display–and you’ll be ready for track, road, and trail training. Come on, let’s get fit!



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