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This hot little thing can charge up to 10 devices and costs only $10.

It charges your smartphone, your netbook, your optical drive, your media player, and your PSP. Which is quite a preponderance of gadgets. More than you can conveniently carry chargers for everywhere you go. Unless, you own this Octopus cable. Then you’re free to heedlessly suck down power until you go bankrupt.

The Octopus cable is a USB connector with ten different plugs that feed into it. It has a 2mm and 3.5mm Nokia jack, a PSP jack, a USB Mini 5 pin jack, a MicroUSB jack, an LG jack, Samsung 20P s and M jacks, an Ericsson fast port, and (of course) an iPhone/iPod jack. There is one caveat with this product; you can only plug one gadget in at a time. That said, it’s still convenient as hell.

In terms of price versus usefulness, the Octopus is hard to beat. $10 gets you a USB connector that should take care of all of your charging needs. Buy one and toss it in your gear bag. The next time you’re on vacation or crashing at a friend’s house and forget your phone charger, you’ll be glad you have a spare Octopus laying around.

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