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Like their ad says, your music system now becomes the center of the music universe. From the hottest online music services to free Internet radio stations from every corner of the globe, never has such limitless music been so easy to enjoy. Your playlist will truly be limitless. Listen to Sirius Internet Radio, Napster, Mediafly, Rhapsody,, and so much more. The world is at your finger tips not only because of the touch screen but you can listen to live soccer coverage from a station in England or play your Jay-Z playlist stored on your computer. And you’re able to play it through your high performance home stereo system.

The touch screen also displays album art. You can also connect to a number of supported sites like facebook and flickr to play photo slideshows. And there’s a USB port and SD card slot for plugging storage cards and flash drives directly into the Squeezebox for playback. Check one out as soon as you can!

This product has not been released as yet but you can pre-order, and something tells me you should because this gadget will move like hotcakes!


    Listen to an infinite variety of Internet radio stations, online music services, and your iTunes collection through your existing home stereo with this easy-to-use Wi-Fi music player
    Enjoy easy station and music control from anywhere in the room with a full-color touch screen, intuitive menus and remote
    Experience full, rich sound supported by high-resolution encoding
    Connect seamlessly to your home network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet
    Works with other Squeezebox players to create a multi-room music system without running wires

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