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This new Iomega NAS features a long list of functions and for most part it is comparable to most high-end small business servers. The Iomega® StorCenter™ ix2-200 Network Storage offers content sharing with advanced security, and is ideal for small and remote offices, workgroups or home networks. Based on enterprise-class EMC® storage technology, the StorCenter ix2-200 provides easy file sharing, iSCSI block access, and multiple RAID configurations for optimized data protection. Business users will appreciate the robust data protection features such as UPS support, print serving, folder quotas, rsync device-to-device replication, and user replaceable drives for business continuity and disaster recovery. The easy-to-use interface provides no-hassle management. Active Directory support and remote access round out the comprehensive business features.


    Easy file sharing, data backup and print serving from any networked Windows PC, Mac, or Linux workstation
    Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with Jumbo frame support and high performance embedded architecture
    Remote Access: connect securely from anywhere in the world and get full access to pictures, videos, files, and administration of the StorCenter ix2-200 through a personalized web address
    Print Server: Intelligent print sharing capability for up to 3 USB printers connected to the StorCenter ix2-200
    VMware Certified: HCL certified NAS (NFS) and iSCSI storage for VMwar

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