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best latest cool new top PC computer gadgets product_nv.gifFeeling nervous about storing all your digital media (music, movies, photos, home videos) on a single hard drive on your PC and lose it all if the hard drive crash one day? Maybe a home NAS (Network Area Storage) is the way to go. The Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV+ provides corporate like NAS features in your home. It offers a safe and effective way to store and serve your digital media files across your home network. It provides data redundancy (RAID 1 or 5), which means a hard drive can failed and your data won’t be lost. Of course it only provides hard drive redundancy, it can not restore files that you’ve accidentally deleted, you need a backup device for that. Although, you can use the ReadyNAS as your backup device. It comes with backup software which allows you to backup/restore your PCs across the network (5-license for Windows and Mac clients).

The advantage of a NAS is that you can upgrade the storage capacity seamlessly. It comes with 4 empty hot-swappable SATA slots. Which means you can upgrade your capacity from 750GB (4 x 300GB) to a 2.2TB (4 x 750GB) automatically by replacing your existing drive one by one.

ReadyNAS NV+ Highlights:

  • Infrant NSP IT3107
  • 4 lockable hot-swappable SATA disk trays
  • Infrant Expandable X-RAID, RAID 0/1/5
  • Programmable backup button
  • One USB 2.0 port in front, two in back
  • Compact portable design (8″H x 5″W x 9″D)
  • LCD panel for instant status readout
  • Server-rated power supply with noise-killer design for quieter operation
  • Powerful 92mm cooling fan
  • Low power consumption and power saving mode
  • Compatible with Windows®, Mac, UNIX, and Linux systems
  • Gigabit Ethernet with Jumbo frame support
  • Simple setup wizard
  • Integrated Backup Manager
  • Compatible with leading network DVD players and UPnP AV streaming devices
  • Multi-lingual browser-based setup
  • Kensington lock compatible
  • EMC® Retrospect® backup software for Windows (5-client license) included
  • EMC® Retrospect® backup software for Macintosh (5-client license) included

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