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When you’re using your laptop on the go like at a coffee shop, you may not be aware that potential thieves may be watching closely for the opportunity to relieve you of your machine if one such arises. To protect your machine, something that can certainly help your cause is the “Hacked USB Flash Drive”. When you take out your frayed USB cabling and insert it into your laptop, prying eyes will certainly get confused. Immediate thoughts will surface like “what’s he doing with that cable, he’s insane, better not mess with him” or “what an idiot, doesn’t he notice his cable is busted, the machine is probably garbage too”. Anything that promotes the fact that your computer isn’t worth stealing is always a good plan. So grin like a madman and plug in your USB cable and carry on with your work, oblivious to your “missing device” and enjoy the fact that your phantom USB device is working just fine.



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