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Mouse injuires are nothing to laugh at because they are very common and can be very painful. The Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 is the advanced third generation of the revolutionary mouse from the inventor of the handshake grip. Many users said earlier models relieved their wrist and arm pain. This product has been highly recommended by rehabilitation ergonomists. This mouse keeps your hands and fingers in a more natural position. Great product…well done Evoluent.


    Reshaped to better fit a greater range of hand sizes
    A gaming grade infrared sensor with hardware adjustable resolution of 800-2600 dpi instead of an optical sensor with fixed 1200 dpi resolution
    An optical scroll wheel with detents (clicks) instead of a smooth rolling wheel
    A small flange along the bottom edge to prevent the little finger from dragging on the desk
    Additional driver functions, such as button programming customizable for different applications

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