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The Cable Capture is a simple to use product that will quickly tame tangled cords and cables in your home or office under your desk or workstation, behind your home entertainment center or even next to your telephone or toaster. Simply lift the flexible hood and wrap excess cord or cable around the center column, exiting out the slats in the bottom plate. Then fold down the flexible hood to hide and capture the cord. Each Cable Capture can handle up to 8 feet of standard cord. Even better, you can snap two or more capture cords together.

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    Color: Grey Black
    Size: 1 3/4″H x 3 13/16″Diameter
    No more tangles
    Eliminates safety hazards
    Quick, easy removal

    $19.74 for a set of three –
    Cable Capture Combo Pack Cord Control – (Grey Black)

    Jr. size is also available (holds 6 feet of cord) for $12.94 –
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