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If you’ve ever thought about having a chair with speakers inside, you were probably envisioning something more along the lines of an egg chair or a cocoon-like chair with speakers near your head. If you are in the small minority that pictures a round chair that looks more like a pool float, then we’ve got the chair you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s the Wiki iMusic Inflatable Chair, a blow-up chair that has 2 speakers built right into it. Plug the audio jack into your iPod, portable 8-track player, or video game systems and rock out. The included foot pump will help you blow it up.

Take it with you anywhere- the beach, park, garden, library, train station, parking lots, department stores, McDonald’s, the club with a bottle full of bub, the Leftorium, back of a pickup truck, backstage at a Gallagher show, inside a giant soap bubble made by a guy in a tie-dye full body outfit, space stations, pontoon boats, rooftops, the symphony, really any place you go in a typical day you can bring this music playing chair. And when the mall cops come to shoo you along, just deflate and roll out in your K-car to the next location. £29.95 which is like $45 cold hard cash money.

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