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new cool latest audio mp3 mp4 gadgets domo ghettoblaster Plush Domo Ghettoblaster
Domo, the Japanese sawtoothed fuzzball we all love has been made into an awesome ghettoblaster (that’s a bigass speaker for you young’uns). Apparently Domo was originally the mascot for a Japanese TV station; kinda like the NBC peacock except actually cool (hey, the more you know…kaching). This plush Domo was built from scratch by Jipa.
new cool latest audio mp3 mp4 gadgets domo speaker 438x500 Plush Domo Ghettoblaster
It was originally going to be just a painted wood box speaker but a little fabric and a five hour frantic sewing session later and bammo, it’s Domo the speaker. Well done (you should start selling these, really).

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