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Convenient carryall or a sign of abuse? You decide. If anything, the Baby Keeper gave me a chuckle. It’s meant to keep baby safe and secure when you have to take him/her with you into a bathroom stall. It doesn’t look too comfortable to me. . .But on to techier things. Today we’re lookin to keep your baby safe whether they’re in their crib, your driveway or anywhere out of sight.

Does your plain old baby monitor not have a large enough range? Why not invest in the Philips Dial-Up Baby Monitor This contraption(see image after the jump) will “hit you on your cellie” when baby cries, redialing and redialing until it reaches you. Once you answer (yeah, those pubs can be so loud) you can soothe your child via cell, or run home to be there in person if you please. You can also dial in at any time to check in on your child. More details on Philips’ site.

If you decide to take your kids along for the ride, traveling in a car offers a new host of dangers. I can remember driving around with friends when I was a teenager. . .

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We were all quite loud and unruly–I can only imagine the stress of driving with multiple children. The Automobile Monitor eases that stress so you can easily keep track of the kids without taking your eyes off the road. The kits (see below) consists of a camera, which you can position anywhere in the car and a 2.5-inch color display that attaches to the dashboard. It even has a night vision feature so you can check on the kids when they’re dozing in the back seat after a long road trip. Get it for $149.99 at Summer Infant.

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