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In the increasingly competitive music market, flashy and sexy are quickly overtaking talent; aspiring musicians need to find a way to stay ahead. With CFGear’s new Custom Flash MP3 player, you can promote your work like never before.

CFGear can place your logo on its MP3 players, and you can add your demos to the flash-drive player in one quick step. Even better, you can upload your band’s Web page, bios, resumes, and a anything else that may improve your chances of getting signed, so you don’t have to worry about sending all of the requirements separately.

But if the MP3 player and flash drive capabilities aren’t enough, the player also comes with an FM tuner and voice recorder, so you can send a sweet little message to your prospective bosses.

With a wide variety of logos available at its site, and a respectable list of options, CFGear’s Custom Flash MP3 player may be a good bet for the aspiring musicians in the crowd who are looking for a unique way of getting their band’s name out. But before you jump over to the Web site, be aware that you must give the company your requirements for the drive before they quote you a price. The players come in storage sizes from 64MB to 2GB.

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