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BOBI don’t have any kids (it’s too early folks!), but watching my cousins grow up has made me realize how much smarter kids are these days. Why wouldn’t they be, with all of the technology around them! Still, when it comes to video games, TV shows, computers, and the like, they can spend all day on them without realizing it. That’s why Hopscotch developed BOB–a device that enables parents to limit the time their kids can spend on an appliance.

BOB works with any device that plugs into a power outlet. It contains a locking compartment that houses the plug of the appliance your son or daughter is watching/playing, and you can control the appliance with BOB’s LCD screen, numeric keypad, and backlit keys. Then you plug BOB into an AC outlet, create users and assign PINs, and then setup the amount of time per day or per week that your child can use that appliance. Of course, this is any child’s nightmare, but it’s every parents’ dream!

Our former Technology Editor Ben Gottesman reviewed BOB. He found it to be simple to set up and use, and that it effectively controls time spent on an appliance. However, he did discover several drawbacks to BOB, such as it’s not networkable and it provides limited reporting.

BOB is available at Target and for $99.

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