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LogiChillStream-PS3_Black.jpgAnyone who takes video gaming seriously (and everyone in my world does) will tell you that when the fragging gets tough, you’re going to break a sweat. Saving the world from alien invaders or playing a full game of Madden can be hard work for couch-bound athletes. But it isn’t that forehead moisture that affects your gameplay; it’s your slimy hands on the controller that could cost you a victory.

Fortunately, the Logitech ChillStream for PS3 ($39.99 list) will arrive just in time for the upcoming launch of Sony’s PlayStation 3. The gamepad has a built-in 40mm fan that can circulate up to 3.41 cubic feet of air every minute, while generating little noise or vibration. Three vents on each side will keep your fingers cool and dry, even if your shirt is soaked. The device works with three fan settings, for casual (Off), serious (Low) and hardcore (High) gaming  OK, the company didn’t label the settings that way, but I know that’s what they meant!

Now if Logitech could only help with the rest of a gamer’s hygiene…

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