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new cool best high technology gadgets gift Vein ViewerCan you identify this picture? Believe it or not those are Blogging Molly’s veins! One of the coolest interactive exhibits at NextFest, the Vein Viewer used near infrared light, a digital camera and a digital projector and other patented technologies (top secret I guess!) to light up veins that you can’t normally see through your skin.

Why is this a great invention? Well, if you’ve ever spent time in a hospital, you’ve likely had intravenous (I.V.) therapy, in which your medicine is dispensed directly into your bloodstream. But first, the practitioner must find a worthy vein, and many times they have to stick you a few times before they get it right. (According to the Vein Viewer manufacturer, Luminetx, about half of all “needle sticks” are unnecessary.) The company hopes to increase efficiency and cut costs in hospitals, as well as decrease patients’ pain and cool best high technology gadgets gift Vein Viewer

Like your fingerprint or DNA, everyone’s vein structure is unique. At left you can see that my veins form a pitchfork in my forearm. The Luminetx rep had never seen anything like it! (He even joked that it was the mark of the devil.)

I see them pumping silhouetted

in the infrared

I cross my arms

and scrunch up my face

He grabs my hands and he

lights up my arm

I find myself in the green light of this place

It’s just the light in my veins

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