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The Looxcie wearable camcorder
is the first in what may be a new category of gadget: the combination
Bluetooth headset and camcorder. Soon to be available through Amazon,
this 1-ounce video headset is a sleek- and shiny-looking unit that will
both turn heads and record their reactions.

As a Bluetooth headset, the device is a monster, weighing nearly
three times as much as the
svelte BlueAnt Q2, and costing quite a bit more. Unlike the average
Bluetooth, however, this device records everything you see at 480×320
pixels and 15 frames per second.

The makers of the Looxcie (pronounced “Look See”) claim it can record
continuously for up to 4 hours, provided you don’t use the headset for
taking a call. Using the Looxcie app on your Android smartphone, you can
save and edit your video, or “instant share” bite-sized 30-second clips
straight to YouTube.

While other wearable cameras on the market are sold to the extreme
sports crowd, the Looxcie doesn’t appear to offer the rugged durability
that snowboarders and mountain bikers need. With its sleek lines and
shiny white exterior, it looks more like a delicate prop from the latest
Star Trek film.

Ultimately, the Looxcie doesn’t offer much beyond a low quality
novelty camera, paired with a middle of the road Bluetooth headset.
Whether this unique gadget fills an untapped niche remains to be seen,
but for most headset users, this is an opportunity to hold on to your
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