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new cool best high technology gadgets gift IRISPen’s Product Manager Gina Suk has been studying hard for her exams. So I decided to give her the IRISPen Express, a pen scanner, to try out during her study sessions. Here is her review.

Cheat sheets, copying other people’s notes, learning through osmosis by sleeping on your book—these are all some of the great shortcut tactics many of us have resorted to when cramming for examinations. But having a pen take notes for you? How much easier can it get than that?

Product: The IRISPen Express promises to work “just like a highlighter.” By “simply” sliding the scanning head over text or numbers, the pen reads information into any compatible application.

Performance: Unfortunately, I found that if you don’t have a perfectly steady hand, almost mechanically straight and going at a very even and slow pace when scanning, the text is read oddly and prints incorrect characters, or goes on to the adjacent lines and creates nonsense, or stops scanning completely because the pressure on the head has changed. Hmm, so much for saving time!

The sheer size of this “highlighter” puts my Sharpie Accent to shame. The wheels that guide the scanning head are quite annoying to deal with since they seem to constantly veer you off into the wrong direction. Perhaps I’m not the most careful pen scanner user, but shouldn’t the product be tested on non-robotic people, like me, who are generally not going to be that diligent about making perfectly straight lines while keeping their hand perfectly straight and steady? The only part of the IRISPen Express that really seemed to work without fail were the two buttons that allow you to assign keyboard commands to them (such as carriage returns or tabs). Installation of the supporting software and setting up the scanner was fairly straightforward and easy to follow. But, that’s where the ease of use ended and the headache began.

Overall: Although this product is almost completely useless, I think there is potential for it to become a useful tool if the design is streamlined and technology is refined a bit. The very retro design of the pen is reminiscent of technology style of the 1980′s–with its odd, boxy and bulky shape, and unimpressive gray and off-white casing. And while I do love the idea of a pen scanner to take care of my note-taking, I think for now I’ll pass and pick up my real pen and do it the old fashioned way.

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